LickiMat Slomo Wet & Dry Slow Food Bowl

$14.00 USD
Type: Eat
Color - blue
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Give your dog a fun way to relieve stress, fight boredom, and enjoy their favourite treats for longer with the Lickimat Slomo!

The deep pockets inside the cubes give you a small area to place soft pet treats or even kibble. 

As your dog scrapes their tongue over the textured surface, they will experience a relaxing and cleansing sensation. The textures will help scrape away food particles and bacteria from the tongue, which aid in improving overall dental and oral health. Repetitive licking also boosts saliva production that leads to better digestion due to the enzymes found in saliva. You can freeze treats on the Lickimat Slomo to give your dog a cool treat to enjoy in the heat. Use wet or dry dog food to help slow-feed your pet during mealtimes and place a small amount in some or all of the cubes of the Lickimat Slomo.
  • Safe for dishwasher use and can be placed in freezer for frozen treats